The Real Truth About Instagram And Privacy

The big thing about Instagram is that it is a popular social media application that allows you to share photos and videos online. Yes, all of your friends around the world can view and admire your breathtaking shots. Nevertheless, you can opt to limit the viewers of your contents by setting your privacy into the private mode and never accepting strangers to be one of your followers. By doing this, you can rest assured that your account is safe and private. But, are you really sure no one can view private instagrams?

How Do I Control My Visibility in Instagram?

There are several ways of setting your visibility to the minimum in Instagram. As mentioned above, you can go to your privacy settings and then change the public mode into the private ones. By this way, you are enabling a feature that prevents non-followers and non-Instagram users to view your content. The somehow deleting contents once in a while so that others may not be able to see your photos. Some celebrities are doing this in order to lessen the content available online. Third, is not allowing any stranger to be a part of your followers. This way, you can know that only the people close to you or the people you know can view your contents.

You Are Not Private

Nevertheless, the sad truth about Instagram is that other people can view private instagrams using available online tools. There are several platforms that offer people services which allow them to view your content even though they are non-followers or non-users of Instagram. This platforms offer reliable service that they claim it to be so secure and untraceable. Given this, it is important to remind ourselves that anything can be hacked and it is our responsibility as well to increase our security level by not posting contents that may be able to breach our information security.