The Legality Of Watching Netflix With Kodi Addons

Nothing will beat watching movies and series on TV even with the presence of computers. Because of this, the TV manufacturers created new television sets that will allow it to connect online. These TVs are also installed players that will be able to play a wide variety of multimedia formats. One of the most loved players of internet TVs today is the Kodi Player.

What is Kodi Player?

This is a basic player that is built to play movies, music, and other media formats on one’s TV or mobile devices. This can be connected to the internet. It can also be installed with Kodi Addons so that one will have more choices of movies and shows to choose from.

What are Addons?

The Addons are the ones that a person can install on his Kodi player. This will allow the player to have multiple channels and sites to search from. The media formats that one can play can range from music to live TV shows.

Is Watching Netflix on it Legal?

This issue always arises because there are many sites on the web today that is related to piracy. Kodi player is a legal player. The Kodi Addons, especially one that is from their company is also legal. One of the Addons that one can install to watch movies and series using this player is Netflix. If one is worried if this is legal, the answer is yes. This is because one will have to pay Netflix for one’s subscription in order to view the content. It will also have the same shows that the site has. In addition, the Addon itself is from Netflix. The only difference is that instead of a person going to the website, the links of the videos are already made available to the Kodi player. All he needs to do is click the movie title and watch it.