Forget The Earlier Versions – The Sims 4 Totally Rules

We all know how fun it is to play the Sims ever since the first version. Now, Maxis turned up into innovation and improved their Sims even more. Compared to the past versions, The Sims 4 is really extraordinary. These are the reasons why.

What’s to love in the new version?

  • Emotions – In this new version, the Sims are now more expressive than ever. Now, you can see what your Sims is feeling because their faces show it and you should quickly do something about it. Your Sims looks down? Easy. Just talk to a friend who can cheer you so you can go on with your life
  • Multi-Tasking – do you plan to have an elegant party with a little conversation while on the table? No worries because The Sims 4 made it more like something that could happen in reality. While having dinner and sitting down on the table, you can now converse with other people, having more interactions more than ever
  • Smoother Gameplay – the layout and menu of this new version is now accessible and convenient at all times. You won’t even need to bother to look at the menu to see what they are feeling. You can just check their faces. If you want to check a screenshot of their gameplay, you can check here at
  • Build Mode – do you want to rearrange your house but a bit lazy because if you want to move a room, you need to bulldoze everything? Worry no more because, in this new version, it allows you to move a room or even your own house
  • Exploring other worlds – are you bored of the things you always see in your neighborhood? You can move to another world anytime you want without jeopardizing your household. With the new features, your household can go on a vacation in another world and go back home and the timeline would flow the same as when you left.

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