The Argument Against Getting The Sweat With Kayla App

Kayla Itsines’ app is helpful for those who want to lose weight. Their plan comes in an eBook and App. Both can be used easily and conveniently.

Kayla’s eBooks have three parts and levels. They come in PDF form. These PDF eBooks include the BBG 1.0, BBG 2.0 and the latest BBG 3.0.

The eBooks are purchased with a onetime payment. The first eBook package costs $29.99. This includes the eBook and the nutrition guide.

The second eBook costs $19.99. This payment can also be discounted when purchase from the discount site.

But just recently, an app form of the workout guide has been launched. It may seem like it is a fair deal but some people are not too sold out with the product. Read here some reasons why.

Argument about Kayla App

The app Kayla developed has just the same features are that of the eBook. It is also as handy as the eBook. The app is also as helpful as the eBook.

However, the price may not be fair enough. The app costs $19.99 per month. And since the whole package lasts for six months, you have to pay for the subscription every month for six months. The first three months costs $54.99. If you miss a payment, you lose access to the plan. The whole six months might cost $109.98 if discounted or $119.94 if not discounted.

The eBook, on the other hand, costs $39.97 which is paid one time only. And you get to keep the eBook for a lifetime. You can open the app anytime and use it for guide when you workout anytime and anywhere.

If you compare both plans, purchasing the app would seem like a total rip off. It would seem unwise to still purchase the app because of the reasons you read here. However, if you haven’t purchased the eBook yet, it is safe to still purchase and install the app.